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  potential: in general terms, a current, unfulfilled capacity to improve, develop, and/or achieve some future thing, goal or objective.


For an organisation to respond to the challenges of growth in the increasingly complex, ambiguous, and seemingly irrational global market, understanding the potential of the human capital employed is vital to understanding the potential for the organisation, itself.

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Unlocking organisational potential requires a firm grasp of the concepts of innovation and creativity. It goes without saying, that highly skilled people are an essential component, particularly in a technologically-driven society. However, in all areas, innovation requires creativity to generate new knowledge. It lies in the capability of all people to be creative, and to expand their knowledge. Unlocking this potential is a key multiplier in realising an organisation’s potential.

Innovation can be a complex process to introduce, co-ordinate and manage. Recognising, encouraging and managing creativity, as a multiplier in the innovation equation, is a particular challenge. Business and organisational leaders need to understand the capabilities and motivation of their workforce, including: knowledge, cognitive and creative skills, and the basic skills, competencies and attitudes required by a flexible and adaptable organisation.

Forget, for the moment, the policies and procedures you have in place. Unless you understand the latent potential that lies in the greatest of all your assets, how can you hope to plan for your future? How well do you know your own capability and potential to respond to an emerging, complex, and troubled marketplace; one that is increasingly driven by unbounded networks of relationships, and eco-systems, some of which are wholly virtual? How prepared are you, to respond to the potential you have to create your own, innovative response to the 21st century, global, knowledge-economy? How prepared are you to innovate the longevity of your business, the continuation of your success and the creation of future value.

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